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Financial analysis is the process of evaluating budgets and financial statements of a company to determine operational efficiency and long term suitability.

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Essentials Of Feasibility Studies


This is a detailed investgation into the current market landscape, future market potential, sales projections, compentitive landscape,target market analysis of the expected project.


Legal feasibility assesses the legal and regulatory requirements for the project's success and the investor's ability to meet them. The study reveals the project's ideal location, legal condition, compliance, and tax obligations .


The investment Risk feasibility assesses the risk and challenges associated with the proposed investment risk feasibility study helps identify any constraints the proposed project/investment may face and risk mitigation measures.


The study entails appraisal of the development potential of land and buildings, constrains and opportunities evolving from the location, zoning policies for the area,legal and statutory provisions and physical planning aspects of potential development sites as well as their physical charasteristics.


Financial feasibility analyses all the costs that might accrue while executing the project. This also involves building a financial analysis of construction ,operations,and financing to ensure that returns targets are met and that there is confidence in projected results.


The operations feasibility study involves an analysis of how the investment's work enviroment shall be affected post-implementation, how end-users will feel about the new investment or project, and if the proposed investment /project will work in the organization.

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Why You Should Conduct A Feasibility Study?

      * The study advises on potential positive and negative outcomes of a project before investing considerable time and capital into it.
  • * The study addresses the issue of the most appropriate use for a particular property site, the most suitable location for a predetermined use, or the most appropriate outlet for investment funds.
  • * The study, as well determines if, after all significant factors are considered, whether the project should be pursued; and if so, how the project should be pursued.

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