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What is Financial Modelling?

Financial modelling is the process of creating an abstract representation of a real world financial situation.Financial models are mainly used to forecast a company’s future financial scenarios for decision making based on past data and relevant assumptions.

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Decision Financial Model Use
1 Capital raising Forecast company’s future cash flow and returns for potential investors.
2 Mergers & acquisitions Determine optimum investment for capital allocation following forecasted scenarios.
3 Capital allocation Evaluate company’s valuation for merger or acquisition negotiations.
4 Business growth Evaluate new markets, products or locations.
5 Budgeting & Forecasting Planning for revenue and expenditure.
6 Divesting Determining assets to dispose or acquire.

Kenya Brief

Who needs a Financial Model?

* Both startups and existing businesses need financial models for informed decision making. The following internal organization decisions rely on financial models for optimization.

* At kenyabrief, we develop financial models for startups and existing businesses depending on their decision needs. Call us today!

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