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Humanitarian Research

We help you to communicate to your stakeholders how you are fulfilling your purpose and achieving the change that you seek as an organization.

Through Research, we combine case studies, subjective feedback, survey results and Web Stats to develop a Clear, Accessible, Transparent, Accountable, Verifiable and Proportionate Impact Report

Our reports help you communicate to your stakeholders:

1.)Clear Purpose

2.)Defined Aims

3.)Coherent Activities

4.)Demonstrated Results


6.)Lessons Learned.

Why you need an a good Impact Report

1.) Demonstrating impact creates a trusting relationship between your organization and the stakeholders and attracts more support from both current and potential stakeholders.

2.) Also, Good Impact reporting helps you to:

• Be accountable to your stakeholders, engaging them in open and honest dialogue;

• Engage and inspire supporters and potential supporters;

• Review your activities and impact against your vision and purpose;

• Challenge your assumptions and revise strategies and plans;

• Motivate and involve staff and volunteers;

• Ensure that you are helping your beneficiaries in the best way possible