Why Kenya Needs Economical Politics

Out of the frying pan into the fire”, this statement clearly depicts the current political scenario in the country but we are yet to see this political madness abound as we near 2022. As much as political liveliness continues to brighten our television screens and entertain us in undignified manners, we should not be swayed into lost causes that would not benefit us after the poll.

Dirty politics are entertaining and fun but that is all it has to offer. Politicians throwing shots at each other is the most rudimentary form of politics and should be ignored by a rational voter. What we need from our politicians is economical politics which involves policy implementation and greater future economic prospects for the nation.

So what do we mean by economical politics? We all aspire to have better living standards for ourselves and our children. This would only be possible if we increase the total wealth of the nation. The current scenario of betterment of one’s future is ingrained in a lost philosophy which entails that one should oppress or steal from another to better oneself. This has led to an increasing income gap between the poor and the rich. Though the above stated method may be effective in the short run, the income gap may widen over time hence the country is exposed to a Rich-Poor revolution since warfare is the only factor that can reset national wealth.

The greatest economical question that should sway your vote towards any political aspirant is; how is the politician or political group going to increase the wealth of the nation? To evaluate the answer of the above question is pretty simple if you adhere to the policies recommended by Adam Smith in his book Wealth of Nations regarding the same. Adam Smith commonly known as the father of economics reiterated that the following three components will determine the prosperity or downfall of a nation.


Every good purchase for consumption consists of the rent of land, the cost of labor and the profit afforded to the merchant. Land plays a significant role in the cost of living of a country. As much as this is the case, Kenya is riddled with land issues that remain unresolved. This creates a slack in the economy since much land remains underutilized due to grabbing and court cases. Apart from that, rate charges incurred by owners owning vast land cannot compensate for the income that would have been generated from use of such land. Your vote should go to the party that is willing to resolve Kenya land issues by formulating new land policies or resolving existing land cases.

Labor Force

Labor force of a nation is what generates the output that is consumed annually and the surplus that may be exported. Efficient utilization of the labor force may largely increase national output creating abundance. With national abundance, we would have no national debt and a positive balance of trade.

Kenya is inefficiently utilizing its labor force with the unemployment rate way above 50% of the active population. This means that the dependent population is greater than the income generating population hence the nation will always be at a deficit. Saving would be extremely difficult for the average worker due to supporting several family members who have no income.

Your vote should go to the politician who can address this issue. Kenya has a youthful population hence unemployment is a major issue for social and economic prosperity. Unemployed youths tend to participate in uncouth behavior which includes drug use and theft.

Dexterity of the people

The ingenuity, knowledge and skill of the employed labor contribute a lot to the prosperity of a nation. This factor clearly explains the income gap between the developed nations and the developing nations. Though we may be employing greater labor in the production of goods, the level of efficiency makes our products of lower quality and expensive. The increase of dexterity of the people is paramount to ensure continued innovation and efficiency in levels of production.

Dexterity can be increased through education of the population. Your vote should go to the politician who has the best plan for increasing the literacy levels in the country.

Now that you are up to speed on how the wealth of our nation can be increased, be wise and vote for greater prosperity of the Kenyan nation.

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